Animated movies with a social message

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Animated movies bring back those sweet memories of our childhood and leave us all in a nostalgic state. It would be wrong to infer that they are only made for entertaining children as many of us still love to watch them as adults. They take us to a dreamy world where truth wins over false, heroes always conquer the darkness, where love warms our heart and numerous life lessons are taught accompanied with valuable messages.

Let’s have a look at some of those childhood movies and see how many of us can recall their in-depth latent memorandum!!

  1. UP

It conveys that in a world of ‘rat race’ where everyone is in a rush to achieve one or the other thing, we should take a pause and savor time loving our closed ones while they are in front of us before we lose a track of them and regret it for the rest of our lives.

2. Ice Age

A movie that teaches us the real meaning and value of friendship and that together we are ‘one united force’ who can conquer every ups and down of life. It’s a story of three friends, different in qualities, backgrounds, shape, size, and everything, but once they come together to their path of destiny, they battle every obstacle, saving each other’s lives and making it to the end.

3. Shrek

When Shrek leaves hope of finding the love of his life, Fiona teaches him that it’s not the looks and appearance of a person that solely attracts you but you as an individual, your qualities and your true feelings of love that make you fall for each other.

4. Toy Story

We all want to be the center of attention for the world around us, often forgetting the nature’s law of change — where nothing remains constant in this world. In the toy story, when Andy gets replaced by the new Buzz LightYear with advanced features, he faces similar difficulties of accepting the fact that the new toy was better than him. But eventually, how their friendship grows teaches us to welcome people who are more advanced than us, giving them opportunities and flourishing together.

5. The Lion King

One of the popular hits, it teaches us that life has its own pace and despite the fact that we may not be pleased with it, we have to accept the situations and move ahead with them. Life teaches us important lessons throughout its journey and that’s how we mature and become leaders to lead our pride. The movie depicts the journey of Simba becoming a King of the Jungle and how when he fell to the ground, he was lifted up by his friends and mentors to become a successful leader ahead.

6. The Jungle Book

With its music-filled story, Mowgli won thousands of hearts through his adventures in the jungle. The story beautifully teaches us ‘Acceptance’ and fostering trust among each other. It builds on the skills of teamwork and belongingness among each other. The fact the Mowgli was accepted by animals in the Jungle, even though he was a human who could have posed a threat to them and how he was protected and nurtured by animals around is definitely worth channeling to children and adults.

7. Mulan

It’s hard for all of us to take a stand out defending our interests and dreams in contemporary society where everyone wants you to follow the line. Mulan conveys the message of being courageous enough to stand up for your values and rights, where her will to be different than preached not only saved her hometown but also made people bow to her as she ended up being a savior for them.

8. Ratatouille

Remy, being a rat, dreams of being a chef in a human’s kitchen. Even though he is discouraged at several moments of his life because he didn’t belong to the world of humans, he still continues marching towards his goal and ultimately grabs the trophy of success. So it doesn’t matter what background you are from, your skills and determination are the keys to success.

9. Brave

As the title suggests, the movie is about a girl, Marida, who is brave enough to go beyond the boundaries set up by her mother, who has one-sidedly planned everything about her future. It addresses the stereotypes stuck to females in the society and thus, generating the message that you don’t have to be compliant to what people seek from you, rather follow your heart and see the wonders.

10. Kung Fu Panda

A hilarious story of a fat panda who is put to test to fight the most vicious enemy by learning the art of Kung Fu, something he had never imagined of. The story conveys that it’s the ‘Believe and Confidence’ in yourself that could eventually lead to a platform of victory, even if you were a lazy, fat panda who never did anything big in his life.

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