An enigmatic mother-daughter duo bringing electronics and STEM education to young Indians.

Mitti Ke Rang comes up with some interactive sessions and podcasts with topics that directly or indirectly influence our day-to-day existence. In this session, we had a conversation with the mother-daughter duo, India’s first mother-daughter entrepreneurs working for stem education in India, Jaya Parashar, and Ankita Parashar.

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Jaya Parashar, who along with her daughter Ankita Parashar started STREAM minds in 2016, a remarkable enterprise that aims at bringing prominent methodology based on STEM education to educate children in subjects of STREAM.


STEM is an interdisciplinary approach to learning where academic concepts are coupled with real-world lessons. Students apply Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in contexts that make connections between the classroom and the world around them.

STREAM Mindis is a distinct education tech solution company that combines storytelling with technology to impact STREAM- STEM to students across all socio-economic platforms.

In India, there’s a need for eliminating the notion of memorizing, writing and repeating to consolidate the country in its struggle towards extensive development. Kids are so naturally inquisitive, so it is adequate to give them a platform to articulate their curiosity at a productive level. Parents should realize the interest of their children and provide them with emotional support and help them follow their interests. The objective behind starting STREAM was to provide children with a platform for the same.

They go to explain the struggles they had faced in executing the idea into a business model. The most crucial challenge was to manage in keeping up with the expectations. They talk about how the human tendency is to foresee something in retrieval when he or she puts her time and labor but what endure them to resume their work is their willpower. There would be a hundred reasons for closing down your work but there would be only one reason that keeps you going.

One of the challenges that stream minds faced was how to hold down the interests of young minds(5y/o -14y/o) in subjects like science, engineering, etc which are handled by connecting the concepts with storytelling and by adopting the language which they can easily comprehend.

They say that they have a Ninja technique for a successful business and it mainly is to enjoy the tiny achievements because an immense amount of patience is needed for running a business, and transparency with the clients is the key to a successful business. whatever one claims or commits to should be something that the company can accomplish skillfully.

Pandemic has turned the business sector upside down and every business is giving rise to new innovative ideas to survive in this pandemic.

Most of the aids provided by the stream minds earlier are now provided by the school itself and which was the barrier for the stream minds and therefore they started providing online classes to students at reasonable rates so that investing money in the program does not become a burden for the parents.

The podcast ends with a message to all entrepreneurs “It is important for one to dream, dream with open eyes; for only when you dream that you strive to achieve them and only when you strive they come true”

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