All about CSR (Reconciling it over the recent events)

A few days back MKR had an interactive session over zoom with Toby Usnik. He is the author of The Caring Economy and the founder of Philanthropic Impact Partners, a global advisory firm that draws on three decades of experience working with the world’s most influential corporations, philanthropists, and social innovators to tackle problems — both global and local — and build a shared sense of community.

Corporate Social Responsibility is broadly the corporation’s commitment to Environment Social Governance (ESG) more specifically its commitment to ongoing and meaningful dialogues with its stakeholders, employees, shareholders, customers, etc over the purpose and profit of the company.

CSR as of now has great programs, associations, credential job descriptions, etc. It is quite mainstream now. The individual is forever in the driver’s seat with the brands. The result is giving back to the individuals focusing on a macro-level impact.

Challenges faced by CSR mostly are:

  • Fashion brands, luxury brands are doing their best in terms of social responsibility but most of them are not talking about unvital consumptions and the root cause of it.
  • Developing countries are not learning from the West as they consumed their way into obesity, diabetes, landfills, polluted lakes, and rivers
  • Organizations do not know the difference between want and need.

The important factors to be taken into consideration before selecting the projects are; Brands and its leadership, history, and traditions of the brand, charity, huge retail presence, association with Non-profit Organisations, equal education, and a focus on Global health.

Nowadays a lot of people want to build a career in CSR and the advise Mr. Usnik has for them are, first of all to find brands that resonate with the person, Consider the brands’ leadership that one respect and follow, Finding one’s purpose having clarity in that and then executing it.

In the conversation, he explains how it’s not just the responsibility of the organization alone, but individuals too can take steps to make a change such as, making ones social media purpose-driven through entertainment, Finding a way to communicate, Having meaningful conversations towards something helpful, getting into public speaking through which one can present ideas, views, business opportunities, and get concrete feedback.

The global pandemic has opened an array of social problems to work on, and an individual and the organization need to be socially responsible.

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Contributed by Drishti D content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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