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Hunkered down at home, rarely venturing into hauntingly empty streets, most of us are still at a loss at how life will look afterward. Will jobs come back? Will people desire to visit crowded subways? Do we even need office towers when everyone is on Zoom?

Come to think of it, the idea of living on a farm seems suddenly attractive.

There are a lot of global thinkers giving their two cents on the new normal, that new will not be different from the old one as people would like to get back to what they had before, whatever it may have been.

Embracing in a new phase is tough, but by communicating more about it and keeping our focus on essentials in the time of need will ease in adapting to new normal.

History is the evidence of organizations harness in the time of the pandemic, nations have endured terrible rampant, yet they flourished to grow ever larger and denser.

Considering this as an eye-opener to reveal that if we want to recover from crises in the future, we need to strengthen and equip the public health infrastructure of the nation to cater to all its residents to guarantee sustainable living.

Due to lockdown, cities are turning cleaner and less crowded. Rapid migration from rural to urban areas, like what we have seen in India, cannot continue at the same speed. People may start reconsidering agriculture. Possibilities for India to flourish in the Agri economy as earlier.

The path to a ‘new normal’ must be clean and green since the closing of polluting industries and transport networks, we have seen clear skies emerge, natural habitats seen to rehabilitated.

The sudden and dramatic downturn in carbon-emitting activity has shown us that we can indeed cleanse and rebuild our natural environment if we wish to do so.

Wake up call to rethink the current economic model — a country like India relies heavily on migrant workers for growth and development. The promotion of technology to increase productivity, long advocated by the government, will be stepped up with greater urgency to reduce the reliance on human power for productivity.

The pandemic has produced islands of isolation, but leadership is action — Action drives Change — Change brings a new normal.

Leading and setting exemplary standards of dedication, work commitment, and openness to change gets driven at all levels when the mission is to serve in one of a kind times.

Growing within geographical locations is significant, growing outside boundaries to strengthen solidarity across all countries to stand resilient for vulnerable sections.

What we need is a little more time to fully understand how COVID-19 works and more time to ramp up our testing, find treatments, and hopefully a vaccine. People will strain to get out from lockdown, hungry for the simple joys of being in fearless proximity with one another on a busy city street.

We all have social distancing fatigue. But we can continue to save lives by doing this.

New normal is in transit.

Contributed By- Jaya Patidar, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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