An act of God is a Natural Hazard outside human control, for example, an earthquake or a torrent, for which no individual can be considered the cause. A demonstration of God may add up to a special case to an obligation in contracts or it might be a “protected danger” in a protection strategy.

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In the law of agreements, an act of God might be interpreted as an inferred guard under the standard of difficulty or impracticability. Assuming this is the case, the guarantee is released on account of unexpected events, which were unavoidable and would bring about unconquerable deferral, cost, or other material breaks.

The repayment of amounts during different situations is different according to the laws and attributes about it, but mostly is brushed off as an act of God. for example, farmers losing their crops due to floods is waved off as an act of god, while some may receive some subsidies, mostly they might not.

As of late, human activities are the reasons for the causes of most of the natural occurrences and destruction that has been happening in nature. Such occasions are potentially undermining the legitimate status of an act of God and may build up liabilities where none existed as of not long ago.

Covid-19 is extraordinary and a pandemic of this scale has not been seen by the world ever previously. Along these lines, the Court may approach reclassified this teaching to safeguard a large number of individuals who are exposed to the lockdown and not in a position to play out the agreement.

Nirmala Sitharaman calls Covid-19 ‘Act of God’; says, the economy will contract this fiscal year. “This year we are confronting a remarkable circumstance that even under 10 percent inexact assessment you are confronting an ‘Act of God’ which may even bring about compression of the economy,” Sitharaman said.

But the government needs to find out alternatives methods and strategies to safeguard the interest of the common man. With the falling GDP and the economic crises, the government cannot step back by the technicality that this just remains an act of God.

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