Let’s pose the fundamental question that comes to mind when you read ‘keywords’. What are they? One might pip in enthusiastically, “Oh! Keywords are the search entries we type on Google”. Well, that is correct! However, there is more depth to the concept than search queries for Google or Bing. Did you know that users all over the world perform 3.5 billion searches every day? That’s 3.5 billion keywords relentlessly posed to Google (in addition to searches on Bing or Yahoo) every twenty-four hours. For a blogger or a website owner, it means 3.5 billion opportunities they can make use of every day!

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Take an example. The keyword “cupcake” might indicate to a food blogger to include their tastiest cupcake recipe in their blog or to a bakery owner to finally get their microwave oven heating for cupcakes — still buzzed-about keywords? Read ahead to understand the power of keywords.

Keywords: An Elementary Guide

For a content creator (be it a blogger or a website owner), keywords are the topics or ideas that answer any user’s most basic question- what is your content about?

While words and phrases both comprise keywords, they have different magnitudes.

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The IT field is advancing and building up consistently. New advancements in PCs and cell phones are forming how the world communicates with each other, completes work, and invests free energy. There is a developing requirement for people with an adoration for the field, an oddity for the future, and a craving to be a power in it. Occupations in the field are on the ascent, and bosses are watching out for new ability; the individuals who need to have an impact in its future have no restrictions on their latent capacity or the capability of their particular field.


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  1. Strategy Books for Startups

The Marketing Playbook gives marketers five strategy options, teaches you gap analysis, and offers tactical marketing campaign advice. Do More Faster identifies issues that first-time entrepreneurs encounter and offer useful advice. Getting Real is web-focused. Wasserman’s Founders Dilemma is essential reading to building a great startup team.

These books are classics but timeless. The Entrepreneurial Mindset articulates the critically important idea that there are different types of startup opportunities. The notion of three Market Types springs from here and Christensen’s work. The book provides a framework for the early marketing/sales strategies essential in a startup. Delivering…

As we all know, the business was costly before e-commerce. Business involved a large amount of capital without the guarantee of success.

Today, as anyone can start small, the business is not that complicated. You don’t need to build a brick or any huge capital for that matter, you can sell the products online which makes the huge capital or physical store unnecessary. All you need is an idea and will to the further action.

Of course, there’s a technical part, and that’s when e-commerce comes in. E-commerce makes it easier. …

Image: Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce

This is the trending period of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. There is an incredible effect of AI on society as we are encircled by innovation. AI and ML help us in Searching, Sorting, and finding pertinent information. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is persistently changing the universe of e-commerce shopping. Today, AI is changing e-commerce stores’ works and offer types of assistance to their clients. Presently all E-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart remaining on the bleeding edge of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence is really assuming control over the world. AI is everywhere now, especially in the…

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Rural tourism refers to the activities that take place in the rural areas where people travel from their places for few days to relax and for the sole purpose of leisure and pleasure. It is called country staycation by some people where tourist spends maximum time of their vacation in engaging with recreational activities in a rural environment on a farm, country home or surrounding areas. sometimes the areas included in this kind of tourism are national parks, forests, countryside areas, and mountain areas and are aligned with sustainable tourism if it is somewhat related to green spaces and eco-friendly…

In these recent times, many businesses have been able to shift their business online. During the pandemic, the e-commerce platform has become a hub for selling and buying everything online. Recently, e-commerce sites have been estimated to become approximately 12 million to 24 million around the world. These numbers only keep increasing day-by-day. With the influence of social media and technology, people have started to buy everything online. This has influenced the e-commerce platform to become broad and accommodate a variety of products ranging from necessities such as groceries to luxuries such as jewelry.


After the start of the pandemic…

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तत त्वम असि

जो अनंत है, कभी नहीं मीटता, वहीं तुम हो।

(The essence that is eternal. You are that)

Every woman who awakens courage and grit within herself is Durga,

Every woman who awakens transformation within herself is Kali,

Every woman who awakens devotion within herself is Parvati,

Every woman who awakens nurturing within herself is Annapurna,

Every woman is Shakti.

Let’s celebrate the goddess within.

Her presence makes the world look beautiful, her absence disrupts the entire mankind. She is the womb of the Universe. How often do we realise that? Yes. It’s an appalling reality, that which…

Bullying at any age for a person can affect them mentally, emotionally, or physically. Communication and empathic listening are critical to making the victim feel secure. Having been able to share their fears and feelings with someone can help the kid to open up. To stop it from happening again as it’s required that a victim understands that he/ she is being bullied and report the same.

Every kid at whatever stage during the phase of growing up faces situations that end up bullying someone or getting bullied. The question that arises is whether this should be considered part of…

Image: Future of E-commerce in India

The development of E-Commerce patterns is getting more well-known step by step according to the market interest. This is really conveying us to the new inventive world which at last saves a ton of time and cash too in light of the alluring highlights gave by the online market. This article gives an outline of the applications and eventual fate of the web-based business and examines the different components that are significant for the development of E-Commerce in India. …

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