2020. A year of wildfires

Mitti Ke Rang
3 min readSep 15, 2020

We all possess the knowledge of defining a wildfire but what about the figurative definitions? Something uncomfortable that has ignited itself, adjusting and growing around steadily up the curve and is highly improbable to disappear anytime soon without an effort or teamwork.

The sparks of this wildfire could be anything, be it the simple pop of a notification spreading a rumor, or an actual environmental disaster, but is this just an external consequence or does it get internal too? And yes, the biggest one yet, is the global pandemic. COVID19.

Photo by Issy Bailey on Unsplash

Why has it been a wildfire? Well, A wildfire is something that could have been avoided! curbed just by a slight change in the angular position of the matchstick when it fell in order to prevent an entire forest from burning. In the same way the very touch of a hand and a supposedly well-mannered gesture of closing your mouth when you cough or yawn sets up pathways for a pandemic to begin, adjust and spread, because there is always that one person who says “I’m not wearing the mask today (on my nose at least, let it rest on my chin instead!, that’s enough” Yes I am talking about the biggest wildfire of health problems, today, a virus, an unknown enemy, creating little wildfires of social and economic issues like hunger, unemployment, drop in prices, migrant worker problems, the list goes on and on, covering up the mental health issues due to physical distancing and isolation. It spreads more because we selfishly stick to the notion of- seeing is believing, and refuse to see beyond, despite the knowledge of being interconnected and interrelated, and hence we fail to break this chain

Each and every country handled this fact their own way. Unexpectedly this pandemic brought out so many realizations among countries, cultures, and livelihoods of individuals. We also realized the strategies and policies that a government can hold in order to be far-sighted, sure-footed, and to curb its spread and control their land. New Zealand for eg, used a 6-month lockdown policy in order to prevent the worst, America on the other hand, did not pay heed to what was coming while Iran and Italy, and the other European countries had their waves of losses due the pandemic, china in all this, being the first affected, became a country of suspicion and a cause to blame. Last and finally, India was under good control at first, but the population became one major disadvantage when it came to physical distancing.

And individually? We can all see the changes within ourselves, we’re either rising from this tough year or falling right into its arms in pain. Humanity has faced countless obstacles and this too shall pass, the moment we make efforts together, as a united force of humanity.

Contributed by Nandita content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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